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Multiplication Grand Prix Multiplication Grand Prix
Power your car and make it go faster by clicking on the right answers. The faster you multiply and click on the answer, the faster your car goes.
Lunchtime Lagoon Lunchtime Lagoon
This game can be called the multiplication hangman. Try to guess the numbers and feed the hungry penguin.
Fish Shop Fish Shop
Keep your customers happy by giving them the fish they want and also learn some multiplication in this cute game.
Happy Holidays Happy Holidays
Answer correctly and build your own little holiday home.
Cone Crazy Cone Crazy
Serve cone ice creams to the penguins by multiplying the numbers correctly. Every order you deliver correctly to the customers makes them happy.
Fairy Fun Fairy Fun
Build a playground of fairies by multiplying the numbers correctly. Learn to multiply numbers from 1 to 12 while having some girly fun.
Snowball Fight Snowball Fight
Throw snowballs by multiplying the numbers correctly. Watch out - if you are wrong you get hit.
Pizza Pizzazz Pizza Pizzazz
Serve the pizzas on the right table by multipyling the numbers correctly.
Castle Quest Castle Quest
Pass the smartness, Quickness and Agility test given by the king and you could rise up the ranks to become a knight. Good luck multiplying and having fun!
Carl's Cookie Capers Carl's Cookie Capers
Learn multiplication by baking cookies.
Winston Detective Agency Winston Detective Agency
Tyler's turtle shell has been missing by the side of the pond. Answer the multiplication questions correctly to interview people and find the shell.

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